International Distribution Partners

STORMTECH - The global leader in quality outdoor apparel and gear for the B2B and Promotional Products Industry. By partnering with the world’s leading distributors, we can fulfill an order virtually anywhere in the world within seven business days.


Canada, USA, Mexico


Peru, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay


United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Benelux, Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Switzerland, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Iceland, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic


Estonia, Latvia, Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand

STORMTECH’s distribution center allows us to ship anywhere in the UK Mainland within 1-5 days.

Our subsided freight program means that most orders are shipped free freight to your location. Orders will be shipped via STORMTECH’s carrier of choice, unless otherwise requested. If requested to use customer’s carrier of choice, freight promotions will not apply. Please contact your local Stormtech representative for a copy of your freight program.

STORMTECH is not liable for any delays in delivery beyond our control including but not limited to weather, natural catastrophes or labour stoppage.

Freight calculations based on gross order value (pre-discount)

Order Value Express (2 days) Standard (3-5 days)
£0 - £150 £17.00 £12.00
£151 - £750 12% 9%
£751 - £1,500 10% 6%
£1,501 - £4,250 7.5% 3.5%
£4,251 - £7,000 3.5% 2%
£7,001+ 1.5% FREE