Netherlands FAQ


Netherlands Warehouse FAQ

Durbanweg 31
1047 HD Amsterdam

  • Over 150 of our top selling styles will be stocked in Netherlands this season
  • More styles and colors will be added by the end of 2023
  • All key product categories including bags and coolers will be available
  • We will continuously replenish the inventory direct from factory, or via transfers from our Vancouver distribution centre
  • Most are but we are still waiting for some styles to arrive
  • Please refer to the below section to learn how to view the inventory at both locations
  • For men’s sizing we currently carry sizes ranging from S-3XL, while women’s  is offered from XS to 2XL
  • Inventory at both warehouses, including replenishment dates, are visible pre and post login

  • We are adding a DSV collections page to the site featuring all styles stocked in Netherlands*

  • * Please note that only the top selling colorways are currently carried in Netherlands (example below)
    Red/Black bag is not stocked in Netherlands, but will appear on the product page – cannot order this style from the Netherlands warehouse

  • No, customer service will only select the Netherlands warehouse if stock is available at that distribution centre, or if the product in question is expected to arrive in Netherlands earlier than its arrival into Vancouver
  • CS will receive a prompt when placing orders to “check inventory in Vancouver” in the event of a backorder in the Netherlands
  • The goal will be to fill all orders as quickly as possible using one, or both warehouses with priority given to our Netherlands facility when stock is available at that location
  • Customers placing orders online can select whichever warehouse they prefer, and goods will ship from the warehouse selected if/when available
  • The default distribution centre for all EU/UK sample orders will now be Netherlands
  • If stock is not available at that location, customers may still order samples from Vancouver
  • CS will pull samples from Vancouver if it’s the only distribution centre with available inventory
  • Yes, all customers can order any active style that is available in north America
  • The default distribution centre for all EU/UK orders will be Netherlands
  • Goods will ship from Vancouver if the style in question is only available at that location
  • No, all decorated products must be ordered from our Vancouver distribution centre
  • Yes, the priority will be to fill the order as quickly as possible and in some cases this will require Stormtech customer service to pull stock from both Netherlands and Vancouver
  • All available stock in Netherlands will be allocated to the order before we allocate any stock from Vancouver

  • There is a new column to the order acknowledgement showing the warehouse of origin

  • Tracking numbers will be included on all invoices with multiple tracking numbers shown for split shipments coming from both Netherlands and Vancouver
  • All returns for EU/UK customers will be sent to the new Netherlands warehouse
  • Submitting a return request can be done by contacting our returns team ( or by accessing the My Account page at
  • To access this page, log in to your account by clicking on the “Sign In” link in the top right of your screen.